All of our boys can be found on this page,
Duncan lives here and others live in guardian homes.  
This ensures they get the best family life as well as a breeding career.
All health testing has been certified by OFA.  
All health testing is available here for you to see upon request.
Stud service available for approved health tested girls.
Chai Kennels
Chai's Ruffle My Feathers Rufus
Rufus is a GANA registered F1b Goldendoodle out of our Nelly and Olaf born DOB:April 29, 2016

He will mature around 40lbs and is super chill like his daddy.  

Health Testing:
~Hips, Elbows, Heart, Eyes, Patella's, vWd & PRCD, GRPRA1, GRPRA2, DM, ICH, NEWS~
+/+ Furnishings

Lives with friends in Saint John enjoying city life with his two boys, mom and dad
WCR Chai's D.O.G. Duncan Dog   aka: Doodle
Duncan is a CKC/AKC/ GANA registered Golden Retriever
DOB:May 3, 2016.

Duncan is also in training as a facility dog for the Moncton/ Sussex area.
He will be serving those in need upon request in schools and mental health.
Child Certified therapy dog.

He is a big boy sitting at 70lbs

Health Testing:
~Hips, elbows, heart, eyes, PRCD, GRPRA1, GRPRA2, DM, ICH~

Duncan lives here with us living it up being the puppy babysitter
Chai's Snowy Olaf
Olaf is a GANA registered Goldendoodle
DOB September 5, 2014

He is 35lbs and has given us some pretty sweet natured pups.

Health Testing:
~hips, elbows, heart,eyes, Patella's, PRA all types, vWd, DM, NEWS, ich~
+/- Furnishings

Olaf lives with friends on the outskirts of Fredericton with his mom, dad, his human best friend and Quincy one of our past Goldendoodles
Marshall is a GANA registered muliti-generation Goldendoodle out of Fox Creek farms in West Virginia
DOB:  September 16, 2017

Health Testing:
~Hips, Elbows, Heart, Eyes, Patellas, PRCD, GRPRA1, GRPRA2, DM, NEWS, vWd~

Lives with a friends in Sussex, NB